the history of the "Hirsch" begins in 1870, when the cooper Wilhelm Staadt is acquiring a two-story apartment building in 14 Untergasse in Wiesbaden Rambach. The house back then contains a barn, shed, laundry room, courtyard and garden.
Six years later, in 1876, William Staadt directed  the "most devoted request to the Royal District Office in Wiesbaden" to be allowed to open a tavern. Although the Mayor back then, Wintermayer, is against this project (there are already three taverns at this time in Rambach), neither  the municipal council, nor the District Office have any objection to the request.
The tavern is later passed on to William Staadt's son in law -Wagner, who in turn passes the bar in 1897 to his daughter Theodore, who is married to Oskar Schelmberg.

For over 125 years, virtually unchanged:
The Gasthaus zum Hirsch in Wiesbaden Rambach. Apparently already then the „Hirsch“ enjoys widespread popularity, because in 1913, the backyard is replaced by hall to house the growing number of visitors.

Karl Schelmberg, who takes over the place of his parents in 1927, enlarges  the "Hirsch" and modifies it. He is also the one who in 1934 replaces the barn on the property with a building housing a wine-press with water power, so that he was able to locally produce the apple cider. In that same year the depot in the courtyard was also replaced by an open hall which is still today integrated into the cozy garden restaurant.

From1956 to 1969 Theo and Lilly Schelmberg were running the „Hirsch„ In 1979 major investments were made by the forward thinking Theo Schelmberg which included a complete makeover of the inn.as well as customisations fitting the requirements of commercial offices and fire-protection laws. Although this decision has not been easy for him, he has opted for the continuation of the restaurant, which still today enjoys extra-ordinary popularity.

The latest tenants, the Forst Ruppert GbR, took over the operation of the traditional  restaurant in 1991 and since september 2010 Frank Forst is the sole tenant.

On June 8th 2001 the then Mayor Hildebrand Diehl presented the city badge in gold, exactly 125 years after granting the license for opening a tavern, on June 8th 1876.

On  July 21st 2001, they were hosting a big party to celebrate the 125th anniversary in style. The revenues of this event were donated for the construction of a new kindergarten in Rambach.


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Mo-Fr: 11.30Uhr bis 14.00Uhr
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Sa: 17.00-23.30Uhr

Sonn-und Feiertage: von 11.30-23.30Uhr durchgehend geöffnet. Jedoch ist die Küche von 14.30-16.00 Uhr geschlossen.

In dieser Zeit gibt es Kaffee und Kuchen.


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Gasthaus Zum Hirsch
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